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​​Our Education services are split into two different categories; 

Core, and Additional Programmes.

Any programme provided by KSG to a School is quality assured by qualified teacher status members of staff. All in-house CPD is also quality assured by qualified teacher status team members.

To find out about the programmes within the categories please read below. 


We deliver two Core Programmes: 

Physical Education Support Programme (PESP)

Diverse Programme (SEND)

PESP has created by Teachers for Teachers delivered by our team. We understand high quality CPD is far and few between. If you have members of staff which need CPD in certain PE topics then our PE Support Programme would be perfect for them. 

Statistics show that the percentage of pupils with SEND has grown year on year since 2017, and with this comes an increasing demand on schools to further develop their SEND provision. Through physical activity we aim to increase the attainment of students with SEND, and support schools in their SEND provision.

To read in more detail about our core programmes click the button below.  


We have a number of Additional Programmes: Awards, Balance Ability, Clubs, Sports Days, Cluster Events & Fixtures 

Would you like the children attending your school to leave  your school with an award?

Most students have to wait till KS2 to participate in Bike Ability, what about KS1?  

Want to engage and give all children an opportunity to participate in extra curriculum activity? 

So you struggle with thinking of new ideas for sports day each year? 

Do you have access for your students across the school to participate in cluster events and fixtures not just football matches? 

To read in more detail about all of the additional programmes we can provide to schools click the buttons below.


Owen is always engaging, communicates well and uses good behaviour management. He’s doing a fab job and he’s always great to talk to when a lesson may not have gone so well because of behaviour and suggest improvements

Mrs Bicknell - Class Teacher

Children have engaged well with Rhys and he enjoys working with them. The sessions look well planned and thought out. He communicates with me about what he has been teaching so I can cover this in the lesson I teach.

Mr Claridge - Deputy Head / KS2 Lead

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