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Exciting News: Multi-Sports Camps Now Live with Early Bird Prices!

As we celebrate the success of our Easter 2024 Multi-Sports Camp, we at Kinetic Sports Group extend our deepest gratitude to each family who joined us over the break. Your trust and enthusiasm empower us to continue our mission of enriching young lives through fun, learning, and sportsmanship.

Thanks to your positive feedback, we're more energized than ever to enhance our camp offerings. Witnessing the transformative effects of physical activities on children’s development and well-being has been truly inspiring.

We’re excited to announce that our next big adventure, the May Half-Term sports camps are now live at Oldway Primary School in Paignton and Abbey School in Torquay! What's even better? Our Early Bird prices are also live, offering you the chance to secure your child's spot at a fantastic discount.

Stay tuned for more details! We’ll be updating you through Facebook, our website, and a dedicated upcoming blog post. Make sure you catch all the latest news and take advantage of the Early Bird offers before they're gone. This is the perfect opportunity to ensure your child doesn’t miss out on our fun-filled, action-packed camps.

Thank you once again for being such an integral part of our Kinetic Sports Group family. Your continued support fuels our commitment to providing memorable and rewarding camp experiences. Here’s to more fun, more learning, and endless opportunities to foster sportsmanship and create lasting memories together in the seasons to come!

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