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Enhancing children’s experience and opportunities in PE while up-skilling your schools' delivery of the PE curriculum. 

Our Physical Education Support Programme (PESP) has been developed by qualified and experienced PE teachers to support and progress the PE provision within Primary Schools, that benefits both staff and students. 

The programme allows for your students to partake in well planned and structured PE lessons delivered by our specialist PE and sports coaches, who will also work closely with your teaching staff to support and up-skill their own delivery of PE and sport throughout the year. 

Watch the video below for a better insight into our PE Support Programme. 


How has our PE Support Programme Performed?

Primary Schools teachers are often reluctant to teach PE, or at least parts of it throughout the year; due to a whole variety of reasons. And it's often no surprise that this is the case, due to the limited time spent on primary PE during teacher training, and limited CPD opportunities throughout the academic year. 


We want to change this by supporting Primary Schools to improve their PE profile. Our management team will work closely with your PE Leads and Senior Management to ensure we meet your PE and sport requirements, and together we will plan the best possible PE curriculum for each year group to ensure all students have the opportunity to experience a broad range of sports and activities.


Kinetic Sports Group will supply your school with your very own dedicated coach, who will become your PE teacher. The provision you receive will be overseen by our management team. Your KSG coach will be responsible for the following: 


  • Working closely with your teaching staff to support them with their delivery of PE. They will be your first port of call for any PE or sports related questions, and will assist class teachers with their planning, preparation and delivery of PE. As well as this, they will share best practice, offer feedback, keep your staff updated on current PE related topics and share new ideas and resources for continuous development of PE lessons.

  • The tracking and assessment of all students throughout the year. They will also show your class teachers how to best do this depending on the assessment criteria and objectives. 

  • The delivery of well-planned and well-structured lessons. This gives your students the opportunity to partake in high quality PE lessons delivered by a specialist coach, and for your staff observe best practice that they can take away and put into their PE lessons. 

  • The delivery of sports clubs that can take place before school, after school, or at lunch times. 


Think of it as high quality weekly PE CPD for your school that benefits both class teachers and students. 


That’s not all. Along with this programme, you will receive valuable resources and new teaching ideas; you will have opportunities to partake in cluster events and sports fixtures with other schools; and we will also offer support with your Sports Day.


Our coaches receive regular staff training to ensure that our provision is of high quality, all year round. We aim for all lessons to be inclusive, supportive, challenging and enriching where all of your students can experience success and improvement across their physical, social, emotional and cognitive skill sets. 


Always professional and creates fun and engaging lessons for the children.

Miss Osman
PE Lead

Mr Jago is very good with the kids and keeps them engaged. He makes them feel safe and he has fun with them which is important for reception.

Miss Farrin
Learning Support Assistant

Consistently high quality lessons with great progression.

Mrs Tarap
Class Teacher

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