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Through providing our schools with cluster events across the academic year, it provides the opportunity for schools to come together to partake in activities that they may not usually otherwise experience in PE lessons, in a fair and friendly environment. 

Cluster events also allow your students to socialise and work with students from other schools, allowing for not only the development of their physical skill sets, but also their social skills too. 

Your KSG coach and management at KSG will work closely with your school to ensure any cluster events you wish to either host or partake in are well organised and efficiently delivered. 


Through the organisation of sports fixtures, students are able to put their skills to the test in a more competitive manner. We are happy to organise and officiate fixtures in any sport you may with to host or partake in, with your support. 

Sports fixtures allow your students to socialise with students from other schools in which they can develop their social skills, but in a more competitive environment, testing their physical skill set too. Not all fixtures have to be competitive, and we are happy to organise and manage fixtures that may be more friendly too.

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