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Safety of your children at our holiday camps 
The safety of your children at our holiday camps is our number one priority. This is why we have a password system in place for the collection period of our day. If you need someone to collect your child from our holiday camp who is not listed under next of kin on your account, please ensure that you let them know the "Personal Pickup Password" (PPP) that you made when creating your account. 
If you would like to allow your children to walk home on their own, please click here, to dowload the permision slip to allow your child to walk home.  
If you have forgotten your PPP or wish to change it, click the "contact us" option to see our contact information.  
*PLEASE NOTE* - When requesting your PPP or changing your PPP, to adhere to GDPR (2018) you must provide us 4 key points of information that you would have linked to your account upon creation: 1. Your First & Last Name - 2. Email Address - 3. Telephone Number -  
4. The First Line Of Your Address. 
Additional information on keeping your child safe 
If you require further information about our procedures on how we keep your children safe at our holiday camps throughout the day and during our activities, please don't hesitate to click the "contact us" option to get in touch. 
Information we require from you 
As the parent or carer of your child, if there is any additional information that we need to know about your children, we expect to see it linked to your account. The four key points that are attached to your registration details of your account state: 1. "Who will collect?" - 2. "Personal Pickup Password" -  
3. "Medical information" - 4. "Safeguarding Information". 
If there is a possibility of an incident relating to your children that is either medical or a safeguarding issue and we are not informed, we cannot put the steps in place to prevent the situation before it occurs. 
If you would like to check what medical and safeguarding information is linked to your account or you feel you need to update or remove certain information, please click the "contact us" option and be ready to provide these 4 key bits of information to adhere to GDPR (2018).  
1. Your First & Last Name - 2. Email Address - 3. Telephone Number - 4. The First Line Of Your Address. 
Behaviour, Bullying & Discrimination 
All policies including behaviour, bullying & discrimination will be attached to our information boards that will be visible upon entrance of each venue. If you require a digital copy of any of our policies & procedures, please click the "contact us" option to get in touch. 
We pride ourselves on having safe, friendly & fun holiday camps, and ensure that children & staff are treating each other correctly under the Equality Act (2010). This means that regardless of Age, Disability, Race, Religion or Belief, Gender & Sexual Orientation, all children will be treated the same. 
Anyone that is deemed to not be allowing a child to be safe and having fun whether that may be another child or a member of staff, they will have to speak with the venue lead, and if it needs to go further our holiday camp manager will take the steps necessary to get the issue resolved. 
Before the children go into activities, each day starts with an introduction to staff members, behaviour expectations, rules, navigation of the venue, toilets, fire exits and much more once the register has taken place. Each day starts with this quick 5 minute introduction to remind the children what we expect, but also who to go to if they have any issues with another child or a member of staff. 
Concerns & Complaints 
If you need to report any concerns or complaints about our holiday camp provision, please select the "contact us" option to get in touch. 
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