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During an athletics session with KSG, children will learn the fundamental movement skills such as running, hopping, jumping etc. 
They will also participate in a range of different athletic events where our qualified coaches will assess and plan appropriate sessions to enhance their athletic ability. 


Tag Rugby is a fantastic sport all children can participate in. We will play different variants of the game. 
As well as having lots of fun children will learn the technique and rules of the game. 


A Basketball lesson with KSG is a perfect way to enhance both fundamental movement skills along with specific skill patterns. During the lesson participants will learn the different way of passing, shooting and dribbling the ball. 
Even though basketball is a team sport, learning the different technics will be done individually, therefore children can progress at their own speed. 


Cricket has a tremendous history starting in the 16th century and has been one of the leading sports in the UK. Children will learn the basic rules, technics and other attributes needed to play the game. 
As well as playing the traditional game children will also play, cricket rounders, diamond cricket, quick fire and other games which will allow the children to put the techniques they have learnt into a fun game situation 


Football is the most popular sport in the UK inspiring children to be the next Lionel Messi. Unfortunately this can have a negative effect on other children. 
Our coaches make the KSG session appropriate for all abilities, allowing all children to learn and gain something new. 


KSG believe Gymnastics is a fundamental sport that children need in their sporting curriculum. Gymnastics plays a subconscious role in a lot of mainstream sports. 
Gymnastics develops flexibility and co-ordination which will help in sports such as rugby, football, basketball. It also helps develop other life skills such as leaderships, discipline, concentration. 


From expert to novice we plan our sessions to incorporate all abilities, so all children can get involved. 
During the sessions children will practice all skills associated with the game such as dribbling, shooting and passing. 


KSG multi sports sessions are a fabulous way for children to participate in a range of different sports. Each session will be different session from rugby to hockey, basketball to football, rounders to golf. 
Having an educated mind in lots of different sports from a young age will enhance development of one sport in the future. 


Netball is a fast and energetic sports which can be played by both boys and girls of all abilities. 
Children will learn the position and tactics to the game along with the specific skills such as passing, shooting and defending. 


As well as playing the traditional game of rounders we will modify the game to suit all depending on the age and ability of the participants. 
We plan our rounders session on maximum participation, lots of fun and developing new skills for the children to learn. 


Tennis is one of the great sports that develops hand eye coordination for a range of other sports. As well as learning skills for tennis children will subconsciously develop a range of skills for sports such as cricket and rounders. 
Tennis is a very high intense game so fitness and co-ordination is a must. We play fun games as well as learning new techniques to keep all children engaged right throughout the sessions. 


Volleyball can be played by children with little experience of the game. As well as having lots of fun children will learn the different skills as well as the tactical side of the game. 
It is a game that can be modified for all and played in all conditions. 
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